About me:

As a former biology student, I discovered photography through adoration of patterns, materials, surfaces and details found in nature. I began shooting with inherited family cameras, but soon proceeded to digital SLR and most beloved medium format cameras. My interest in photography grew further to documenting world around me in every way possible, from taking pictures of still landscapes and ordinary objects, to more fleeting moments experienced with people or seen while travelling.

My current residence is Bratislava, Slovakia. I am a happy owner of two bikes and being owned by two cats. That is important.

Since I am at the level of extending my portfolio, I am available for any kind of photography which can be seen here. I would love to take more portraits and enjoy documenting events, spaces and interiors. If you are interested in any of the above, please contact me at hello@janamakroczy.com.

Panacea Photo Book (link 2), 2013
occasional submissions to online magazine i-Lemon.sk, 2013
online magazine Maštal, Issue 2 and Issue 5, 2012

Tools of trade:
digital SLR equipped various manual focus lens
Nikon FM2N, Olympus OM1N, Olympus Mju II, Flexaret VII, Hasselblad 500C/M
self-taught in basics of digital post-processing and darkroom developing

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